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Never mind the fact that the word “competency” has become a common parlance in management lexicon. Most people use the word in a contextual misfit. We have expertise in designing competency frameworks, organizational competency models and templates. We have a dossier of personal soft skill inventory which helps and facilitates the ability of trainees to modify their behavior and achieve optimum performance for their organization and we rate our trainees on the JND scale.
We can also design and conduct a competency base performance management system and a competency based recruitment and selection exercise using the behavioral event interview.


Knowing is different from doing. Organizations need people who CAN DO rather than those who merely KNOW. We teach trainees not just to know but to DO.


We are one of the few training firms (if not the only) that provide “after training services” to our clients.


FITZEL Consulting is a professional competency based consulting organization incorporated in Nigeria RC 477551 Our Vision is to change the quest of the corporate world from a drive for profit to a drive for service. Our Mission is work partnership with organizations to achieve the best possible performance.

We aim to do this by building core competencies for competitive advantage through organizational diagnosis, helping organizations buy relevant competencies, developing and delivering appropriate cost effective and innovative solutions to meet their organizational objectives and individuals’ developmental needs.

In building core competencies, we are cognizance of the veritable fact that the rapidity and sophistication of change in organization’s external
environment affect not only the result of the firm, but also the cost, effort and internal processes. Based on these, in designing and developing our programmes to suit your organizational needs, we adopt the IDDE process. (Identification. Design, Delivery and
Evaluation). Our competency building philosophy is based on the Chinese proverb that says

“ Tell me, I will forget
Show me, I may remember
Involve me, I understand”


Our approach to management development is based on the competency movement or school which begun in 1973 with a paper written by D.C. McClelland. “Testing for competence rather than intelligence”. In this seminar paper, McClelland argued that “traditional academic aptitude and knowledge content test as well as grades and credentials do not predict job performance or success in life”.

At about the same time, the research work of Sterling Livingston of the Harvard Business School posited that “there is no direct relationship between performance in school and records of success in management”. How effectively a manager will perform on the job cannot be predicted by the number of degrees he holds. The best predictor of what a person can and will do, is what he or she spontaneously thinks or does in an unstructured situation or has done in similar past. These are the person’s competencies, categorized as threshold and differentiating.


FIDELIS OLISE: He holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Degree in International Relations and a Master of Science (M.Sc) degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management. A former University Lecturer with Lagos State University, Ojo (Anthony Campus) where he headed the Department of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management. He taught courses such as Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Collective Bargaining, Industrial Relations Systems,
among others.

He has authored two text books and several articles among which are ‘A Guide to Academic Excellence’ and ‘Human Resource Management (Transition and Trend)’.

He belongs to many professional institutions both locally and internationally such as the Nigeria Institute of Training and Development, Workforce Management, Strategic Human Resource Management. He is also a member of the American Society for Training and Development. A seasoned consultant to many blue chips companies and government establishment. Contact Fidelis on folise@fitzelconsulting.com