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In the pursuit of profitability via productivity and performance, organizations are confronted with numerous challenges, prominent among these are:-

Attracting and Retaining Competent Employees (Buying Competencies)

Machines and financial resources are necessary but not sufficient to cause performance. To achieve optimal, organizations must attract (buying competencies) and keep employees with the required competencies (see our services)

Outsourcing (Borrowing Competencies)

All living things grow and sometimes need to ‘shed weight’. Organizations have ‘life’ and sometimes need to shed excess responsibilities and concentrate on their core competences (see our services)

Human Capital Development (Building Competencies)

The business environment in which firms operate is dynamic and sophisticated. Yesterday’s relevant competencies are today’s obsolete competencies. The need to constantly develop new competencies can not be over-emphasized (see our services)

Performance Management System

The essence of all business enterprise is to satisfy a need and create market. In the quest to achieve this goal, all organizations are confronted with four restraints which are Adaptive, Leadership, Management and Generative capabilities (see our services)

Assessing Competencies

Are your employees operating at optimum level? What are the competencies levels of your employees? Who succeeds your managerial and executive personnel? What are the existing competency gaps in your organizational system? (see our services)

HR Auditing

Stocking taking is an essential management activity in determining the effectiveness and direction of an organization. What are your existing HR strength and weakness? What are existing resources? Do you have the talents and capabilities to meet your strategic goals? (See our services)